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Northern Coating Research Institute has achieved fruitful results. January 4, 2005, northern coating research institute is a pioneer in China's coating industry. Northern coating industry research and Design Institute is committed to the development and research of new technologies, new products and new processes of coatings, pigments and additives in China. For more than 30 years, it has undertaken most of the research topics of coatings and pigments in the national "Fifth Five Year Plan" to "Tenth Five Year Plan" development plan, More than 600 scientific research achievements have been developed for the national economy and national defense construction

the predecessor of northern coating industry research and Design Institute was moved from the coating and pigment room of Tianjin Research Institute of chemical industry to Lanzhou in 1969, and the coating industry Research Institute of the Ministry of chemical industry was established, which is subordinate to the General Institute of science and technology of the Ministry of chemical industry. In 1986, a technical service center was established in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and in 1993, the center was changed to Changzhou coating chemical industry research institute. In 1999, Beifang Institute was transformed from a business-oriented scientific research institute into a scientific and technological enterprise, renamed stepless speed regulation 0.1 (5) 00 mm/min stepless speed regulation transmission system: Taiwan gapless T-type screw rod, Taiwan Abba fine ball screw rod selection and installation: the computer is the northern coating industry research and Design Institute, which is subordinate to China National Chemical New Materials Corporation. After the establishment of China National Chemical Corporation, Beifang Institute was assigned to Sinochem chemical science and technology research general 2 experimental machine level 0.5 Institute

make the reading between 10% and 90% of the full scale. At present, the northern paint Institute has 6 research institutes (offices) specializing in the field of paint and instruments, 4 production workshops engaged in paint production and instrument manufacturing, and 6 secondary companies with independent legal persons. Beifang Institute also has grade C design qualification in the chemical industry, grade B engineering consulting qualification in the chemical industry, and qualification of chemical anti-corrosion construction unit, and has successively obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate and ISO14001 environmental management system certificate in recent years

for more than 30 years, the northern coating Institute has been committed to the development and research of new technologies, new products and new processes of coatings, pigments and additives in China. Through the unremitting efforts of several generations, it has gradually developed into a scientific research institute with complete disciplines, strong technical force and certain influence in the coating industry. Since its establishment, the academy has directly participated in and presided over the formulation of the coating industry planning draft in many national "five-year plans", and has undertaken most of the national coating and pigment research projects. It has developed more than 600 scientific research achievements for the supporting research of China's aerospace, machinery and electronics, automobile, nuclear industry and petrochemical industry, and 148 items have won national, provincial and ministerial awards, including LT-1 styrene acrylic emulsion paint technology, water dispersible polyurethane, polyurethane wood paint 16 achievements including advanced quick drying polyurethane furniture paint won the national science and technology award. Nearly 70% of the scientific research achievements have been popularized and applied in various industries across the country, directly serving the country's economic construction and obtaining better social and economic benefits. The technical level of some scientific and technological achievements has reached or caught up with the world's advanced level. Since the transformation, it has completed 13 national, ministerial and provincial scientific research projects, 16 basic research projects of the Institute, and won 5 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards. Among them, the project of "industrialization of new polyurethane series curing agent" has been listed as the national torch plan project in 2000, and the "research and application of waterborne polyurethane" has won the third prize of scientific and technological progress award of China Petrochemical Association

CNIDI is the supporting unit of the Engineering Technology Center for special coatings in the chemical industry. For decades, it has carried out a lot of research work for various supporting special coatings urgently needed by the development of the national defense industry, overcome a lot of technical difficulties, and trained a large number of technical backbones in this field. The Academy presided over the formulation of the national military coatings "Ninth Five Year Plan" and "Tenth Five Year Plan", and has been undertaking the research and development tasks of some key projects. By giving full play to the technical advantages of the research and development of special coatings, CNIDI has always adhered to the direction of serving the military industry, solved a large number of urgently needed problems in the development of special national defense military coatings, and has been rewarded by the superior for many times. At present, the main research fields of CNIDI are the research and development of new coatings with high performance, economy, environmental protection and energy conservation, as well as functional coatings with excellent comprehensive performance such as technical performance, service performance and construction performance. In the field of special coating research, CNIDI adheres to the direction of serving the military industry wholeheartedly, closely coordinates with the development needs of military industry, maintains the domestic R & D technology leading level in aircraft engine special coating, high-temperature temperature temperature indicating series coating, irreversible temperature indicating patch, high-temperature insulation coating, aerospace radome coating, high-efficiency heat insulation coating, high-temperature anti-corrosion coating, and actively expands the civil field of military products. In terms of architectural coatings, CNIDI focuses its research and development on the R & D and industrialization of new architectural coatings with high weatherability, such as silicon, propylene, fluorocarbon and water-based coatings. At present, CNIDI has the first-class development level in the research of aerospace coatings, high temperature resistant coatings, high temperature temperature indicating coatings, heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, lubricating coatings, resistance insulation coatings, conductive coatings, elastic polyurethane series coatings, etc

in terms of civil coatings, it closely tracks the international advanced level, carries out research in combination with the actual needs of national industrial development, leads and promotes the development of latex materials, powder coatings, polyurethane coatings and acrylic coatings for construction in China, and accumulates strong scientific research and development strength. In recent years, active research and new progress have been made in the development of new fields and varieties of coatings with high performance, high decoration, high solids and low pollution. Water based polyurethane leather finishing agent and low free monomer polyurethane curing agent are listed as national new product promotion projects. Since the implementation of the western development strategy, CNIDI has undertaken engineering projects in non-ferrous metal, petrochemical and nuclear industry enterprises, and has successively completed nuclear corrosion prevention projects in plant 404 of the Ministry of nuclear industry, heavy corrosion prevention projects in Yumen Oilfield, and corrosion prevention projects in the smelter of Jinchuan non ferrous metal company

in order to maintain the competitiveness and industry-leading position of Beifang Institute, Beifang Institute has paid close attention to production and made unremitting efforts in relevant supporting facilities and services. In 2002, Beifang Institute built an industrialization base with an annual production capacity of 10000 tons, in which there are three coating production lines with complete equipment, advanced and high degree of automation. A special coating production line with an annual output of 500 tons is dedicated to the production of aerospace special coatings and coating additives with multiple varieties, colors and small batches, such as high temperature resistance, heat insulation, aircraft skin, heavy corrosion protection, etc; A curing agent production line with an annual output of 6000 tons is supporting the ongoing national Torch Plan "industrialization of new polyurethane series curing agents". This production line is designed according to the development experience of general-purpose coating manufacturers and whether social resources are broad material production lines. In the future, all kinds of new coating product industrialization projects can be carried out on this line; There is also a building coating production line with an annual output of 3000 tons, which specializes in the production of water-based coatings and building coatings. The completion of the industrialization base has laid a solid foundation for the future economic development of Beifang Institute

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