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In recent years, China's construction machinery industry has relied on four major factors: national infrastructure construction investment, real estate industry, warehousing, logistics, loading and unloading and the continuous growth of annual exports, The overall scale of this industry has achieved unprecedented development. With the continuous change of market environment, the supply chain of construction machinery manufacturers also presents a new development trend. Recently, steel prices have been rising, and the construction machinery industry is bound to face another severe challenge

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analysis of the operation situation of the construction machinery industry

according to the forward-looking "analysis report on the competition pattern and leading enterprises in China's construction machinery industry", in the first quarter of 2016, affected by the formal implementation of the three-stage emission standard for non road mobile machinery and other factors, the sales data of various models showed positive changes. Although these innovative materials were used in vehicle parts, the industry pressure has not been lifted. In the second quarter, the international FM operation market continued to be sluggish compared with the trouble free market, and the decline in the export of construction machinery products expanded; The real estate industry is still in the state of stepping up destocking. The requirements for the sales area of commercial housing are also the most stringent. While the sales volume has increased significantly, the real estate investment and new construction area have hardly changed significantly

sales of major products in the construction machinery industry in the first half of the year

in the face of opportunities, Chinese machinery manufacturing enterprises are facing two challenges: the competition of foreign machinery manufacturing enterprises and the continuous improvement of customer demand. Machinery manufacturing enterprises want to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and improve their supply chain management ability is a key to 30% of copper forgings. Only in this way can they achieve the following purposes: accelerating the upgrading of enterprise products, improving product quality, reducing prices, timely delivery, improving services, etc

development prospects of construction machinery industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, with the further stabilization and improvement of the global economy and industrial operation, as well as the implementation of China's economy and policies, various infrastructure construction and urbanization construction are still in the development stage. The next few years will become a critical moment for the transformation and development of the industry. As one of the advantageous industries in the equipment manufacturing industry, China's construction machinery industry will achieve higher quality development after deepening adjustment. China will remain the largest market for construction machinery in the world. The construction machinery industry has great development opportunities and market potential in the future

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